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Frugan origin ॐ
07.02.2013, 17:08
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Exclamation Frugan origin ॐ
Janus Groenewald: Thanks Rudolf Who created the word Frugan?
Fruchtesser Fruitarian: Frugan is an old word from the ancient times and it is still used in Sweden, and means the mother of the house who kept the fire place working. ( i do not want to say house wife, as it might sound nasty for many) The word has more the meaning of a homy girl / wife also called little wife and missis, the good soul of the house.
Frugan is also related to the german word frugal, that means fruitful.
The connection intbetween Frugan and Frau, is also obvious, as the Wife and mother gave the fruit to the family members.
When a meal was extreeeemly delicious we used to say: " Ein frugales Mal" which means a "fruitful meal"
Nowadays we have a lot of words for fruitafrian life-styles and frugan is one of it. Frugan in german means people who live on ripe fruits, berries, nuts and seeds also eatable mushrooms only (if possible raw and also proceeded aswell ((fermented)probiotic) and specially difficult digestable raw ingredients get cooked & sterile against pests or contamined fruits ..and as there it's also very cold during winter, further north you can find more cooking fruitarians and it got quite common to call them Frugans.
The frugan diet is part of the fruitarian surving strategies and it's used to describe a cosy furitarian life-style wich describes a 100% fruitarian diet, but not 100% raw. That means frugan people live similar to ethical fruitarians, the only difference - they proceed (cook) most of their grains, such as millet, beans, rice, etc. to digest them easier. Frugans even bake also delicious may be less healthy fruitarian cakes and drink fruit-tea during the cold season, but if i would live in cold Russia, or in Sweden, i propably would do the same.
In the beginning of my fruitarian life, i was investigating a lot and i used also to live frugan for a while, specially when i lived in Berlin and Bavaria.
Those days were important for me to learn about fruitarianism being able to build bridges to vegan people, who used to cook most their meals.
Raw fruitarians had been treated like mad extremists, and it took quite a while to be more or less accepted in society.
In my case, i had hard lessons until i started an information campaign with lectures about (frugivorism) fruitarianism and fruganism and all the different styles including the parents of fruitarianism until i ended in paradise investigations.

Love & fruits to all fruitarian pioneers ॐ

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